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Most stories are never read.

Every aspiring writer wants to become a published author – but most don’t.

Sadly, most writers go unpublished, and it’s not because their story isn’t brilliant. It’s because they don’t have the support they need to manage all the work and complexity involved in the publishing process.

Do you feel like:

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Morning Dove Press is a Christian Publishing House based in Atlantic Canada that helps writers craft and share their stories. As published authors ourselves, we get the struggle. That’s why we guide you step by step through the process with every service you need to publish your work – from start to finish.

This Month's Featured Book

By Teresa M. Arsenault

Pockets of miracles break out in Ellmoria, rousing a young revivalist to take his message of hope to the darkest places of the land. Will his zeal be enough to overcome the temptations he faces while traveling alone? Or will his misplaced trust bring calamity upon those he loves, forcing them out of hiding and plunging them into war?

Out of Hiding is Book Three in the Tales of Ellmoria series. Book One was Bee Singer Queen, and Book 2 was Son of Abeilhe. Next in the series is “The Lost Scroll”.

Our Books

When God is Silent, 2nd Editon

by Jonathan Zinck

His Sweet Sustenance

by Julianna Davidson


Bee Singer Queen, Tales of Ellmoria

by Teresa M. Arsenault

The Erne Warder

by Aaron Babcock


Simon Stayed

by Cynthia d’Entremont, illustrated by Kathryn Cha

A Pink Balloon

by Ayesha Usman, illustrated by Sarah Starrett

Brown Like Me

written and illustrated by Jess Marie

Just As We Are One

by Daniel W. Rolfe

A Butterfly and a Lightning Bug

by Ayesha Usman, illustrated by Talha Imran

When My Feet Hit the Floor: Liberating Truths in the Arena of Parenting

by Joanne Linzel

What’s So Special About a Sheep?

written and illustrated by Lynda Throop

Pickles the Osprey

Written by Connie Dennis
Photographs by Don Dennis
Illustrations by Greg David

90 Days: A Faithful Journey Through Nature

by Marcus Nicholas

The House the Captain Built

by Jim Sutherland
illustrated by Greg David

The Little Church Beside the Sea

by Lana Shupe
illustrated by Elizabeth M. Gales

Son of Abeilhe, Tales of Ellmoria

by Teresa M. Arsenault


Out of Hiding, Tales of Ellmoria

by Teresa M. Arsenault

All our books are available as e-Books!

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Dr. Emily Pelley, PhD

About the Publisher

Dr. Emily Pelley, PhD,  is a published author, homeschooler, public speaker, researcher, and teacher. She is also an adjunct speaker with Apologetics Canada. Emily is currently a Community Director with Classical Conversations Canada in the Halifax area. She has worked as a professor with the Canadian Defence Academy as well as Saint Mary’s University. She earned her PhD. from Dalhousie University where she studied how to best support the resettlement and integration of newcomer youth. Emily’s most recent book was Finding Safe Harbour, which focused on Atlantic Canada and their collective response to refugee young people. She is a passionate advocate for young people and has been involved in many programs and initiatives both at home and abroad.

Emily lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia with her husband Travis and three children- Laura, Jesse, and Jake.

Emily Pelley

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