Three Tips to start you Writing!

Three Tips to start you writing!

I have had so many conversations with people who have beautiful stories to tell yet find the idea of writing their story down overwhelming. We have it in our heads that writing a book is something otherly, that only super smart, or at least super wordy people take on. But it is not true! You have a story to tell that people want to hear! 

So how do you get started? Here are 3 tips for starting to write your story

State your “Why”

It is important to answer this question for yourself- why do you want to write this book? Your motivation for starting your writing is the greatest factor is sustaining your writing. The strength of your why will help you overcome any hurdles that might pop up.

Take 10 minutes every day

If you are a mom like me, this might involve hiding in your house to get those precious 10 minutes to yourself. But this is a great strategy to keep you thinking about what you are writing every day. If you can set aside more than 10 minutes a day, then definitely do it! The discipline of a little time every day will take you far and help draw the book out of your head and onto paper.

Keep writing

Don’t be too concerned about sequence, saying too much, going off on a tangent…the best thing you can do is write it all down. It will leave you with a bank of written work you can come back to and work into the narrative you want. I recommend opening a note on your phone, or a word document on your laptop, and just keep adding to it whenever you think of something.

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