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From Aspiring Writer

To Published Author

Demystifying the Publishing Roadmap

Every aspiring writer wants to become a published author – but most don’t. Sadly, most writers go unpublished, and it’s not because their story isn’t brilliant. It’s because they don’t have the support they need to manage all the work and complexity involved in the publishing process. In this workshop, we will help you see a path forward for sharing your story with the world.

TIME & DATE | Thurs, Sep 8th from 7-9pm

PLACE | Apartment 3 Espresso Bar, Lower Sackville

COST | $25 per workshop or $60 if you register for all 3 at once

Upcoming Workshops

The Art of Writing Fiction | How to create a plot for your story.

Pitching Practice | How to Catch a Publisher's Attention

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